tisdag 29 mars 2011

Mega Jump - Fast Review

Mega Jump - Fast Review
Mega Jump is a game that need no further explaning, you jump and jump and jump.
But yet it's that addictive and fun to play it. With Awesome graphics and nice effects i've spent more than 10+ hours on this game. Perfect to play whenever you just have a few moments over to spend at some fast paced gaming!

tisdag 22 mars 2011

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave

The game of the day is "Dungeon Defenders: First Wave".
Genre: Action RPG / Tower Defense
Co op: Yes, via WiFi or 3G, up to 4 Players
Rating: 4/5 STARS

This is curently one of the games that i spend my time on and probably will do for a while untill the PC version is released of it. The game have a nice cartooney feeling over it and it's a must have for tower defense lovers aswell as the RPG maniac. The game runs smoth on my iPhone 4 atleast and will run perfect on an iPad. Personally I really enjoy it and will defently play it alot more when i get the spare time for it.
Devs homepage: Dungeon Defenders
And here is a demo of the gameplay:

måndag 21 mars 2011


Recently discovered a pretty awesome app for "iDevice", i currently use it on my iPhone4 and it works like a charm.
The app is called "EveryAir" and costs 4,99$ but it's well worth it!

I've tested almost every other RDP app out there and not a single one comes close in performance & quality.
With this app you can run any game on your computer and then stream it to your iPhone,iPad, iPod you name it!
Sofar EveryAir only works with local ip adresses but this is an issue i know the devs are working on, making it fully "remote" or real internet access.

Dev Homepage: everyAir